Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Doppelgangaz from New York

The Doppelgangaz is an American Hip-Hop group from Orange County, New York consisting of rapper/producer Matter Ov Fact and rapper/producer EP. They have released four full-length albums (2 of which are primarily instrumental) and one EP.
The group was included on Raw Roots' "Top Underground Artists Of 2011" list.[1] They were featured in Europe's biggest Hip-Hop magazine Juice in support of their 2011 album Lone Sharks.[2] In 2012, the group was covered in the major American Hip-Hop magazine XXL in its "The Break" section, which highlights up and coming Hip-Hop acts.[3] Underground Hip-Hop authority Kevin Nottingham has reported on and interviewed the group multiple times on the award winning[4] Hip-Hop website[5]

The duo of Matter Ov Fact and EP have been friends since childhood. In a 2012 interview with HipHopDX,[6] Matter Ov Fact stated:
“EP and I have been buds for years. We grew up together, but it wasn’t always about music. Back in 1998 was when we decided that we wanted to do music. As things progressed, we got official equipment and decided to keep moving forward. But yeah, we’ve been cool since probably first grade, but the birth of The Doppelgangaz took place around 2008, and between 2009 and 2011 is when we got to go balls deep and that’s what we plan to do from here on out.”
Before branching off to form The Doppelgangaz, the two were collectively involved in another project. It was during this period where the idea to separate into their own group formed. EP recalled:
“We were in a bigger group, which was active from the early to mid-2000s, but you know, life happens. We were the younger ones of the group so it just eventually became all Doppgang, you know? We don’t have kids and we don’t have any responsibility. We’re just reckless nomads, so we just had the time to do it.”
Matter Ov Fact added:
“Plus we just think on the same wavelength and it just made sense to do our own thing and continue on. That’s where the name comes from. The word doppelganger means a ghastly duplicate, and we see ourselves as when it comes to this here music.” -- all of this information is from Wikipedia.

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