Saturday, January 5, 2013

Gorilla R.E.D. Forte - FINSTABIYAUN (2012)

One can download the album for free or choose to purchase the album in order to support the artist.

Gorilla R.E.D. Forte a.k.a. Forte the Kid is straight out of Southern California in the Los Angeles area. The man has been working on his musical craft for a number of years and this has been his first release to the public since he began rapping at an early age. He is quite poetic with new-age beats that he even made personally. This album is 100% Gorilla R.E.D. Forte minus the features on the album including JONxDOE, Lozo, and Squintied. 

E.E. Baker video ft. Lozo

A1 Pimpin' Video:

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