Sunday, November 4, 2012

Nieve - Playback (2010)

Genre:  Classic Jazz-Inspired Hip-Hop, Los Angeles Underground Hip-Hop
Label: Kitchen Dip Recordings
Release Date: December 16, 2010
Youtube Preview 1 / 2/ 3

01. Playback (feat. Ine)
02. California (feat. Tunji)
03. Just Go
04. Still You Gotta Rise
05. Troubles of the Past
06. There For Me
07. Straight To Yo Mama (feat. Kamyar)
08. First Day
09. Revolutionary Action
10. Life’s So Hard (feat. Noah King & A-Dub)
11. You Never Know
12. Doin That Today
13. Blue Magic (feat. Ine)
14. Ride For Me (feat. Lora Vladova)



Nieve is a very introspective rapper and always from off very smooth and easy-listening. Based out of Los Angeles, Nieve gained a following after releasing  "Away With Words" with  producer Cook. They took it to Japan and connected with many soul-minded individuals and recorded many hits with groups such as Cradle and Incise. The sounds are very jazzy, progressive, and poetic. Check it out

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